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Project patrons

The list of all those who are not indifferent to this project.

Nathan Flagg: «Thanks for your LCDMod NES Zapper efforts!»

Brad Berline: «Thanks for your amazing work with LCDMOD! I have been looking for ways to play Duck Hunt on my LCD TV for 10 years. If you can figure out a way to patch Freedom Force with the ROM size limitation, I will be elated :) That was my favorite Zapper game.»

Antonio Jiménez: «I think your work is very good. Now I can play to this old games with my childrens.»

Eugene Myers: «Thanks for all your tremendous work on these mods!»

Jizaboz: «Thank you for putting time into this project! I’m having a lot of fun with it so far.»

Leisa Vincelette: «Good work! Good luck with Freedom Force! Maybe Someday The Adventures of Bayou Billy and Operation Wolf? :)»


My special thanks to Kristy Story for his continuous support.

And of course, thanks to all patrons on Patreon!

When I drink my coffee, I think of you... :)